I am finding out that there are an abundance of opportunities to fill my three buckets of time in this next stage.  Several opportunities and ideas presented themselves to me just this past week.  It was appropriate then, if not symbolic, that the view from my hotel room window on my business trip to St. Louis this week was the Arch.


If you read the history of the Arch, at least one of the reasons for it is as a representation of a  “gateway” to opportunities.  This weekend, I am certainly feeling like I am looking at a gateway to opportunities as I transition into what is called retirement.  But how do I decide which opportunities to pursue?  What opportunities are right for me?  Where can I add value and live a life of meaning in this next chapter?  Should I monetize some of my experience and talent in the intellectual nourishment bucket?  How important is that to me?  These are just some of the questions I have been wrestling with this past week.

So far, I am sticking to the approach I mentioned in the previous post of not saying “yes” to anything in the intellectual nourishment bucket.  I have, however, said yes to one very short term opportunity at church in the volunteering bucket.  I have been so busy at work over the past several years that I had fallen into the default mode of saying “no” to most of the volunteer opportunities that had come my way.  I am reorienting my thinking to at least consider “yes” to more opportunities in what I believe will be a very significant volunteering bucket.

I am learning that a part of this journey is patience.  Someone who is several years ahead of me on this journey gave me advice this week to “take a deep breath and wait.”      I have been so used to moving fast, going from one task to the next, or going from one multi-task to the next, and not taking many deep breaths.  This has been the nature of my job the past several years.  The reality is that I am still really busy at work for the next three months!  I have five more business trips scheduled in the next three months, including a multi-city international trip with speaking engagements at major industry conferences.  So it is probably ok for me to not know exactly how I am going to spend my time each hour of each day starting on January 1st!

My goal this weekend is to do some yard work, take some deep breaths, try something new for me called “patience” and prayerfully consider the abundance of opportunities ahead of me.


A Boomer In Transition



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