What is it with me and ‘no right turn’ signs?  I have received two tickets for completely missing ‘no right turn’ signs.


This sign is pretty obvious but admittedly some of these signs seem to be hidden, at least if I am not looking for them!

Sometimes life is like that and we are not looking for signs.  My post today titled “GPS” stands for God Provides Signs.  This was true for my retirement decision.  In literally the span of one week in March of 2014, I knew that God was leading me to retire and he gave me three subtle, but important signs.

The first sign for me was a general unrest at work that came upon me suddenly and during  period of time where I was having exceptional success at work.  I was making good strategic decisions, good resource decisions, good market decision, my presentations had better than usual clarity and were coming from the heart more than the head, and so on.  Yet a profound sense of unrest was present and I even asked my men’s group to pray about what this meant.

The second sign came that same week when a colleague told me he was retiring.  We talked for two hours and he went through his process for making the decision and what he wanted to do and accomplish in his post-retirement life.  Literally almost everything he talked about were feelings that I had been having on the decision process toward retirement.  My wife even pointed this out to me as a sign I should pay attention to.

The third sign came in the form of an article in the local paper about an individual who had the same type of cancer, same stage, and same treatment plan that I had just gone through in 2012 and 2013.  Then after just celebrating 10 years of cancer-free life, his next scan took a turn for the worse in a big way.  The cancer had returned and it had spread throughout his body giving him a new prognosis of just six months to live.

Again, these signs all came in the span of one week.  Other conversations, prayer, family discussions and reflection in the next few days gave me a sense of clear direction to retire at the end of this year.  I have had peace about this literally every day since making this decision.

Be open to signs . . .


A Boomer in Transition

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