Three Buckets of Time

In the investment world we often talk to investors about buckets.   We simply ask the question “What is the money for?” and then mentally account for the money (investments) in different buckets based on the answer(s) to that question.

As I transition into retirement I have also been thinking in terms of buckets, but in a different way.  The question I have been asking myself is “How do I want to use my time?”  As I have prayed, sought counsel, and journaled this question, I am arriving at three major buckets of how I want to spend my time:

1) Intellectual Nourishment

2) Volunteering

3) Family Care

I alluded to this first bucket in a prior post where I talked about how it is important to me to stay intellectually engaged in the investment or business world.  Right now I am in the early days of exploring opportunities within this bucket of time.  I am thoughtfully and prayerfully considering opportunities , saying “yes” to nothing at this point and only saying “no” to full-time opportunities.  If I wanted to spend my time “full-time” in this bucket, I would have stayed in my current position.  At this point, I believe that I do not want this bucket to represent more than one-third of my time.

The volunteering bucket is a relatively new one for me, but also one I am very excited about.  I have had little time or energy to do very much in this area over the last 30 years.  Post-cancer, I have done just enough to know that I have some passions in this area and want to carve out some significant time to do more, to practice and live a life of giving back in meaningful ways.

The family care bucket is a very broad one.  There are lot’s of mini-buckets within the larger bucket in this time category.  Some of this is obvious, but I want to eat better, experiment with a wider variety of exercise and simply spend more time managing the home front.  I want to spend more time with my parents.  I want to spend more time with my immediate family and expanded family and invest more in those relationships.

It is important to me to be a good steward of my time and to live a life of meaning and being thoughtful about my three buckets of time is one of the steps on this journey.

Thanks for reading this with some of your time.



A Boomer in Transition

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