Empty Nest

It has been two months now since we became empty nesters and I am still getting used to it.  Our youngest, Dan is in college, but only 4 miles away and we have two hostages to get him back on a regular basis:  1)  His dog, and 2) His car.

Dan came back today to see his dog, having liberated his car earlier in the week while I was traveling.  I was pretty tired this afternoon and seeing him and seeing how well he is doing put some spring in my step.  We even did a little shopping, and I dislike (not going to use the hate word since my daughter works at a large retailer) shopping.

Becoming an empty nester was especially emotional for me primarily because I just figured out my relationship with Dan in the last two years.  It took getting diagnosed with cancer to get it right and to focus on all the things that are great and wonderful about him and to build our relationship in love rather than in to-do lists.  So having him back some on the weekend to see his dog (and his parents) is pretty special for an empty nester.  I now have a better appreciation of how meaningful it is for my parents to see and hear from me as often as possible.



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