Ending Well

How you show up the first several weeks on a new job is critical for how you will be viewed over the next several months if not years.  On my first job out of college, I was the first one in the office and the last one out of the office and I worked like a crazy maniac for the first several several months on this new job.   When I eventually found a more rational job rhythm later on, my colleagues and bosses still perceived me as having that work ethic I established in those first few months.

But ending well is also important because it will be how your legacy will be remembered and more importantly how you (me) will remember a career fulfilled.  This is what I am focused on now, staying engaged, being helpful in every possible way I can and working on a seamless transition to the next leaders.

Yesterday afternoon, I just got back from San Francisco after completing one of my last business trips to that city.  Here is a picture of me by the stagecoach in our headquarters lobby:



To positive endings!


A Boomer in Transition

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