Who Am I?

It is not lost on me that work can create our identity.

How often do people you are getting introduced to for the first time ask you “what do you do?”  Culturally this seems to be how we are wired.  Work often defines us and it is comfortable to have a good answer to the question of what we do.

I recently talked to a retiree who said he struggled with his lack of identity for the first two years of retirement as the realization sunk in that his identity was tied into his work more than he had previously understood.

I have thought about this and asked myself if this matters to me.  Time will tell, I suppose, but usually when asked what I do, I give a vague answer something like “I work for a bank or I work in investments.”  As I have reflected on this, I believe the better question is “who am I?”

I recently asked 5 people who know me real well to tell me what they think my personal brand is at work and to also give me feedback on my personal brand away from work..  It was interesting how consistent the answers were with everyone believing that I showed up as the same person at work as well as away from work.  If this is true, then I should not be defined by my work, right?

My goal is to take who I am, with my strengths, expertise, experience and passions and let that help frame how I fill the three buckets of time that I described in last week’s post.

So, filling the buckets of time with who I am should lead to what I do as I continue the journey as . . .


A Boomer In Transition

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