Living, Working and Retiring …from the Heart

After 32 years of working in the business world I am finally learning to live, work, speak, and now retire from the heart.  What do I mean by this?

As an analytical, data-driven person, it has been easy for most of my career to work and speak from my head.  As an investment person, this is generally a good thing.  However, in working with and dealing with people, working  from the heart is more impactful.  My cancer experience was a catalyst to work more from the heart.  To tell more stories from my own experiences, that come from the heart.  I am glad I figured this out eventually, better late than never, right?

This past week, I spent 4 hours onstage at our leadership forum speaking from the heart about lessons learned in my career and tips that this high potential, emerging leader group could use.  Initially, I was told to prepare a lot of data and information for this group on our business so they could better understand it.  After getting back from my India trip I asked to see the bio’s of the participants as I like to know my audience if at all possible.   I read through all 50 of the bios twice so I could make some personal connections with the audience.

One cool thing about the  participant bio’s is that they each wrote down what they wanted to get out of this forum.   I would say roughly 90% wanted the senior leaders speaking to share lessons learned over the course of their career.  So I essentially threw away a large portion of my presentation and script and spoke from the heart using stories and examples from my career.  The feedback I got told me this was the right move.

Colossians 3:22-24 commands us to work with all our heart and it would be a logical extension to believe that speaking from the heart is also in God’s plan for how we show up and operate in the work place.



A Boomer In Transition (from head to heart)

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