New Plates

Have you heard the phrase “got a lot of plates in the air”?

Well, two months until my retirement, every plate is a new one for me, literally and figuratively.  Here are the new plates in our house, the literal plates:


I guess, after 30 years of marriage, it was about time we got some new plates!

The figurative new plates for me are starting to come together:

1.  Teaching a university investments class starting in February 2015

2.  Leading a FPU course at our church starting 7 days after I retire (I never said that I was going to sit on the couch and watch home shopping network).

3.  Starting a cancer support group (in March 2015)

4.  And hopefully getting on a fund company board, I have a second interview in 3 weeks for one opportunity.

I also have some writing possibilities, but nothing finalized as yet.  So, other than the writing, all plates will be new in 2015, but i am looking forward to the adventure and to see where this all goes.  This may sound like a lot of plates, but for someone who has been working pretty regular 60-70 workweeks for oh, about three decades, it is not as crazy as it might seem.

With new plates, I am still,


A Boomer in Transition

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