Out of India

Last week, on the two year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis, i boarded a plane for what would be the start of an 18,000 mile roundtrip journey to India to attend CFA Institute meetings and present at an investment conference.

I had been worried about the trip for several weeks as I knew this would be the most physically taxing trip post-cancer.  Apparently I had somehow let myself forget to rely on God to give me the strength to do this.  Well, thanks to family praying for me, God did give me the strength to do this and to do it well and to come back and not be completely wiped out.

On the last leg of my trip back home, the entertainment system on the plane was not working correctly and the only function that worked was the music function.  No movies for me.  It turned out to be a good time of reflection as I listened to a variety of music, not the normal 170 songs on my iPod playlist.

One of the new songs I listened to and really liked was Thank God for Hometowns by Carrie Underwood.  Even though the lyrics don’t exactly match up with these thoughts, I could not help thinking how good it feels to be coming home after a long journey.  And after an incredibly busy career it feels like coming home in this next stage of my life journey.  As I embark on this new journey I need to remember to rely on God to guide me to the right choices and to give me the strength for the trip ahead.



A Boomer in Transition


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