Guarding Time

Over this Christmas season, I have enjoyed going back and reading my journals from the last couple of Christmases.  A year ago in my journal I wrote about how closely I guard my time.  I had recently volunteered to be a mentor at church and I was actually surprised that I had raised my hand.

In the last couple of years I have been closely following God’s plan for my life, watching for signs and listening, and then acting on these callings.  I felt powerfully led to raise my hand, to not worry about guarding time.  This is not been normal for me in quite some time.  I have had the convenient excuse of a busy career to keep my hand down for several years.  This transition into retirement it seems is changing my paradigm from one of Guarding Time to one of Reallocating Time.

Just in the last six months, I have volunteered for more service opportunities than I have in the last ten years combined.  I still need to be a good steward of my time, but I am getting more comfortable with God accepting my Outlook request while my Time Guards are looking away.


A Boomer in Transition

Travel Ban

This suitcase has over one million miles on it:



And it is not going anywhere for 3 months!

I have three days left in my office before I retire and as I am transitioning my life calendar to my personal Microsoft Outlook, the next time I have to get on an airplane is March 16th, 2015.  Maybe I will forget how to go through airport security?  Maybe I will be one of those people who it did not occur to not fill their pockets with scissors, staplers, DVD’s, and various other random items before heading to the airport?

I am actually looking forward to driving on the next vacation.  Maybe just throw some clothes in the backseat, pack the largest bottle of shampoo I can find; no need for plastic baggies, and no worries about finding overhead space for my luggage.

Merry Christmas!


A Boomer in Transition





Over the last couple of days I have been starting the process of cleaning out my office.  Here is a picture of me in action:


It has been very therapeutic to get started on this purge because now it seems real this new stage of life that I am transitioning to.  I have been so busy wrapping things up at work the last several weeks that I have not really had much time to start the tangible process of cleaning and moving.

I have stripped the walls of all my pictures, plaques, etc and have moved them to my new little office just a few blocks from my house.  My reference books, investment books, leadership books, cartoon books (yes, I actually have two books of economic cartoons written by the only practicing economics comedian), and other miscellaneous books have all been moved.  Gone in my downtown Minneapolis office are all the trappings of my personality and now it is just becoming an empty office.  My new little office, which just a week ago looked pretty empty and bare is now starting to come to life with pictures, books (the cartoon books survived the purge), and other furnishings to make it my new home.

This downsizing also symbolizes for me a reduction in the constant stress of leading a large investment organization, stress that is there even when I go home at night.  I believe I have handled this stress well, but others who have proceeded me on this journey have told me you don’t even realize how much stress you had until you downsize it.

I have five more days left in my old office, a few more boxes to move, a few more performance reviews to write, and a few more hugs and goodbyes and then I will be embarking on my new adventures!


A Boomer In Transition

Let The Parties Begin . . .

I spent the entire week in San Francisco for management meetings and since this was my last business trip to San Francisco, I was well-celebrated with two parties for my retirement.




I have been very blessed to have had such great work colleagues over the years and they gave me a very heartfelt sendoff!  I cannot predict when I get emotional these days and I was in pretty good shape until an hour or so left in our last meeting when I looked around the room at my colleagues and thought that this is likely the last time I will see many of them.

There will be lots of great memories to look back on as I enter into this new phase of life and with it, the building of new memories.



A Boomer In Transition