Travel Ban

This suitcase has over one million miles on it:



And it is not going anywhere for 3 months!

I have three days left in my office before I retire and as I am transitioning my life calendar to my personal Microsoft Outlook, the next time I have to get on an airplane is March 16th, 2015.  Maybe I will forget how to go through airport security?  Maybe I will be one of those people who it did not occur to not fill their pockets with scissors, staplers, DVD’s, and various other random items before heading to the airport?

I am actually looking forward to driving on the next vacation.  Maybe just throw some clothes in the backseat, pack the largest bottle of shampoo I can find; no need for plastic baggies, and no worries about finding overhead space for my luggage.

Merry Christmas!


A Boomer in Transition




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