Retirement Is … Not Knowing What Day It Is!

I am not sure where to start with this post.  I normally get up in the morning and read from my devotional guide.  There are a whole bunch of reasons why this is a good way to start the day.  For some reason today, I decided to do my devotions when I got into my office (yes, I have a post-retirement office 12 blocks from our house, and actually another one now on campus 4 miles from our house) and by the time I got there (all of about 2 minutes), I forgot to do them.  So I finally did them a few minutes ago and just realized that all day I thought it was the 5th, but the top of my devotional page said it was the 6th.  I was sure it was the 5th.  Wow – this month really is flying by!

In full disclosure, I have been converting my life schedule to Microsoft Outlook.  So I have been using that to calendar everything.  I am so techy that I am able to send myself a meeting planner, and it shows up on my calendar and everything.  Well today, I actually had a meeting on campus and it was on my calendar for the 6th and I made it to the meeting, and even with that, I still thought it was the 5th!

Such are my problems now.

I plan to do a series on “Retirement Is …” over the next several weeks, so if you have any special requests that you were wondering about please let me know.



A Boomer In Transition on January 5th, no the 6th.

First Day of Retirement

Happy New Year!

Today is my first day of retirement and my plans are simple:

1) See if it is possible for me to watch 5 hours of football.  I don’t normally watch much football on TV, but hey, let’s see if I can do it.

2) Start the year off right with a fun spinning/cycle class.  The instructor today has really good music and studies show that good music can improve your workout.

3) Take a nap.

4) Take a nap.  Because I am retired and if I want to take two naps, I can and will.

So, my last day at work yesterday was weird.  A new experience, since I have never retired before. I think all the emotions of what I call “The Long Goodbye” finally came out.  There was crying.  Let me explain “The Long Goodbye” first.

I decided to retire at the end of 2014 in March of 2014.  I told my bosses in April, believing that if I know my plan, I should let them know pretty much right away.  After being blessed with a great career, it was really important to me to end well. I have seen too many people in the business world have what I would consider a good or even a great career and then not end well and that is not how I wanted to do this.  I wanted a long transition to get my replacements ready, to make sure everything in the transition would go smoothly.  There is no part of me that would take any joy in seeing the transition go poorly.  I left work for the last time yesterday feeling very confident that this goal has been accomplished. the price being some emotional draining of my energy.  Over the last several weeks, I have been asked to speak on many calls, in many meetings to share parting thoughts, words of wisdom, lessons learned and so on.  While I was humbled to be asked to do this, it took a lot out of me emotionally, so when I left work yesterday I was really spent.

Janet, my HR partner, who I have worked with for many years   together making a lot of decisions on our people resources gave me a big hug and we both cried.  Sally, my longtime executive assistant, who was instrumental in helping me manage my work life, gave me a big hug and we both cried.  I had great phone conversations with my bosses and while it is hard to count tears over the phone, they were emotional goodbyes as well.  Then I drove home in this strange kind of fog, walked in the front door and my wife met me, gave me a big hug, and we both cried.

Last night my family went out to eat to celebrate this big event and when my daughter and son-in-law gave me a card, I teared up again.

BTW, these are all tears of joy, after a career in which I leave with no regrets.  So today, on the first day of my retirement, I take it easy for the most part and then tomorrow launch into my second chapter, one that I am looking forward to with anticipation for the many activities that are already planned and for those that only God knows.



A Boomer in Transition