Retirement Is . . . Extreme Sports!

Most of you know that in the “Extreme Sport of Early Risers”, I am competing at the Super Bowl level.  Maybe it is because I grew up on a dairy farm and I got into the routine of getting up early at a relatively young age.  Or could it be that I am simply wired to be a morning person?  Whatever the reason it is rare that I am up after 4:15 am.  Even in college, I ate breakfast with a group of farm kids who were the only people on campus and likely in the history of colleges throughout the world, who waited outside the food service building for it to open for breakfast each morning.  So you get the point, right?

Yesterday I managed to sleep in until 6:30 am, can you believe it?  I did not think it was physiologically possible for me.  There was also no guilt or shame associated with this “Extreme Sleep In (ESI)” that would have occurred had I been in my pre-retirement days.  The ESI event also did not disrupt my day or the events that I had planned for the day, because I am retired and like the lyrics of a popular “pop” singer declare “I can do what I want to.”

You probably noticed that this ESI event did not occur two days in a row.  That is ok.  I am not stressed about it.  I am sure it will take some practice.


A Boomer In Transition

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