Retirement Is … “Now I’m That Person”

Second installment of my “Retirement Is” series.  Inspired by my drive back from Wisconsin today through snow, wind, and icy roads.  I am also supposed to give credit to my wife for coming up with the idea to make this my second blog in the installment (she might regret this as she has no control over the Publish button, kind of like having no control over the remote).

So I knew the roads were going to be bad, the weather folks were right and I had watched several weather reports this morning before I made the trek.  But I figured, I’m retired, and I have a four-wheel drive Chevy truck and . . . if it takes me half a day to drive one hour, so what!

On a couple of dicey stretches of road, I puttered along at about 40 mph, even though there was a long parade of vehicles behind me, and I thought now I’m that person that is holding up traffic!  The Sunday driver, the sightseeing driver, the Retired Driver.  That’s me.

And by the way, I am only listening to Country music now.  K-102 Minnesota Country both directions.

I think I transitioned pretty well into this retirement thing.



A Boomer In Transition,  “That Person”

P.S.  Most of the posts in this series will likely not have deep theological meaning, or much meaning at all, but hey give me a break, I’m retired.

3 thoughts on “Retirement Is … “Now I’m That Person”

  1. Hi Dean – I do not know you well but…isn’t listening to ‘country music’ sacreligious in your household shared with a classically trained choral conductor :).

  2. Time to get a bumper sticker, Dean. The one I remember from the old guy I used to rent from is: “I may be driving slow, but I am ahead of you!”

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