Retirement Is … The Gift of TIME

This is the third installment in my “Retirement Is” series.

Ok, this one is going to be a little more serious than the first two!  I am only 15 days into this thing called “retirement”, but it has already struck me that the gift of TIME is a big benefit.  What do I mean by the gift of TIME?  We all make decisions on how we use the TIME we are given and allocate it, likely unconsciously, into different buckets:  the work bucket, the sleep bucket, the family bucket, etc.  When you take out the work bucket and reallocate that TIME in retirement, that can really change what you can do.  Especially if that work bucket TIME was higher than the normal 40 hour workweek, like the 60 or 70 hour workweeks, all of a sudden a lot of time is freed up.  This is what I am finding out.

I have already spent 3 days this year out at my parents in Western Wisconsin.  This TIME has been a huge blessing as spending more TIME with my parents was one of my stated goals for post-retirement and I have not been disappointed in this decision.  In fact, my Dad has now become the new “gym rat” at the fitness center in town.  I will post pictures of him working out only when he decides to purchase some new fitness apparel (hint – an early birthday present idea).

One of my volunteer efforts launched this week as we had a great turnout for Financial Peace University at our church on Wednesday night with a lot of new people that I had not previously met.  Also, getting started with organizational work on the bladder cancer support group through the U of M, in addition to my ongoing peer to peer mentoring of newly diagnosed bladder cancer patients.  One of the guys I have been mentoring is having surgery on the 19th so I will be visiting him in the hospital during the week, a gift of time that would have been difficult to fit in had I still been working full TIME.

Spending TIME at Bethel University getting ready to teach my investments class in a couple of weeks.  I will be there a couple of hours today and will top off my Friday with some indoor rock climbing, something I had wanted to try but never took the TIME.


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2 thoughts on “Retirement Is … The Gift of TIME

  1. Dean – Now you are beginning to sound like a philosopher, howbeit, an intelligent one! It is interesting to consider the idea that we all have the same amount of time each day, but the importance comes in the use we make of it. I’m looking back over about eighteen years of retirement, a lot of hours that have gone by. Some of it has been used well, some could have been used to greater advantage and some was badly used. Even time spent watching five football games can have great value, especially if you are the coach. I often at the end of a day look back and make an evaluation of how my day was used and often I realize that it could have been done better. Your thinking on this topic is wonderful, especially if it makes your days more productive and satisfactory for you. Keep at it! But don’t forget Carter!!!


    • Thanks Rod! Well I am only 16 days in versus 18 years in so I am no expert, but enjoying for the moment chronicling the adventure.

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