Retirement Is . . . A 4 Second Transition

One of the big surprises to me is how easy and fast it was to transition into retirement.  Several who have gone before me told me this was going to be the case, but I guess I did not quite believe it for myself.  They were right!

For me, the transition has gone smoothly, because I knew myself well enough to know that I had to have a plan.  So, on my first week of retirement, I knew that I had several activities lined up so that I would not be looking at myself in the mirror wondering what to do now.

Specific things that have been an easier transition than I imagined:

* Going from having a lot of responsibility and in a high level leadership position to being in charge of the dog.  A few people did tell me that this was a little bit of a transition for them; it was not an issue for me at all and probably was an indicator that my identity was not completely wrapped up in my job.

* Going from putting money in our portfolio for 30 plus years to taking money out of the portfolio to live on.  I was certain this was going to be a transition for me.  I thought maybe there would be a tendency for me to more frugal or less generous with money.  The opposite has been true.  I feel more generous and I am no more frugal than before (however, some would say that it was likely not possible for me to be more frugal).

* Starting a lot of new things, like teaching every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 am.  Once again, this turned out to be an easier transition than what I expected and I am really enjoying my 30 students!


A Boomer in Transition

One thought on “Retirement Is . . . A 4 Second Transition

  1. Your planning had much to do with the transition and you were really going from job to job rather than job to retirement. A teacher’s transition is somewhat different in that retirement at the end of the school year means that one goes into a summer vacation just like every summer while you were teaching. and the transition hits when September comes and everyone of your fellow teachers go back to work. and you are hit with the reality that you are not needed at the schoolhouse. It has been interesting to watch your transition – it went very well.

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