Retirement Is . . . Classroom Time!

On Friday night of this past week, my classroom looked like this:


This was cooking class in Stillwater.  I learned how to prepare four different fish meals.  It was a lot of fun and something that I have been talking about doing for a long time.  One of my stated goals in retirement was to do more cooking and to learn how to cook healthy meals.  I am now armed with some new fish recipes to add to my new Good Housekeeping 400 Healthy Meals cookbook and have no excuses!

Tomorrow my classroom will be at Bethel University, where I will have 30 students in my Investments Class.  I have spent the better part of January getting ready to teach this class and am ready to go!  Next week sometime, I will post a picture of that classroom.

I have always considered myself a lifelong learner and just a month into retirement, I am finding myself to be in the roles of both student and teacher.

Ok, I suppose I better watch a few minutes of the Super Bowl, yawn – strike that, there was just an interception . . . and here comes the commercials!


A Boomer In Transition (and in the classroom)

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