Retirement Is . . . “Do It Anyway” Time

For the last week or so the Mother Theresa poem titled “Do It Anyway” has been on my mind.  I am not exactly sure why or what triggered it, but it did inspire me to read it to my class.  They had not heard it before and I believe it is a powerful and inspiring message as well as a call to action.

If you have not heard it before or read it recently, you can Google it, but it starts with “People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.  Love them anyway.”  There are ten of these in the poem.  In the last few months of my full time career, I was asked to speak on several occasions about lessons learned, reflections on my career, words of wisdom or some other related topic.  I had given this a lot of thought as it was very humbling that people would think I had something important to share and that at least some people wanted to hear it!

After reading through Mother Theresa’s poem (and she definitely had something important to share), I decided to take a few of my lessons learned and put them in the same format.  For whatever they are worth, here they are:

*Sometimes people do not want to hear what is in your heart.  Share from your heart anyway.

*There are people in this world who make little or no attempt to add value to it.  Add value anyway.

*You will often be tempted or encouraged to fight every battle that comes your way.  Learn to lay down your arms anyway.

*When change is thrust upon you, your tendency may be to resist.  Adapt to change quickly anyway.

*There will be days when you won’t feel like being easy to work with.  Be easy to work with anyway.

*The world will want to define you, own you and mold you.  Be authentic anyway.


It took me a long time to learn some of these lessons.  Many are still a work in progress as are many more that I could have included here.  Do It Anyway is a call to action at any age or life stage and in retirement, there is no other time to do it anyway than now.


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