Retirement Is . . . Fine Tuning

So, two months into retirement and I finally got so busy, I had to start fine tuning.  Those who know me well are probably not surprised at this.  I wanted to stay busy and busy I got.  Last night I decided it was a bridge too far to go to a breakfast meeting this morning that was something “nice to do” but not “critical to do.”

As a result, I am sitting here this morning at the computer, relaxed and with a day that I am looking forward to, rather than on the way to a meeting.  I suspect I will need to do some of this fine-tuning regularly along the way as I am just not wired to sit around for large stretches of time and that will result in my overcommitting periodically.  I am sure this has never happened to any of you reading this!  In full credit to Tammie, she has regularly asked me if I was going to take a day off in retirement.  I suppose that she is right that I have to take off more than just January 1st!

Everything I am involved with, I am really enjoying and so much of it is new that it is really energizing.  It is crazy to think that some of the activities I am involved in will be done soon.  The financial literacy program I am leading at church has only two weeks to go and it has been really fun and rewarding, but that will open back up Wednesday nights for me.  I have met a lot of new people through this program and have built some new relationships that will likely endure beyond the program, and hopefully have helped some people along the way.  My two board roles are now in full swing.  They are very different from each other and both intellectually engaging to me in different ways.  Good thing I am an avid reader as both require a lot of reading, which is something I knew from the start.

My university teaching is going extremely well and is very rewarding to me.  I think my 30 students are starting to figure me out and I find that I look forward to seeing them every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 am.  I am spending considerable time away from class connecting them to the business world, looking at resumes, doing mock interviews and just being available to discuss a variety of issues.

My cancer patient advocacy continues on a one-on-one basis with a total of 12 people now that I have mentored in some way as they start the journey of going through bladder cancer treatment.  I have also worked with the U of M to get our bladder cancer support group essentially planned out for the next 12 months.  The annual bladder cancer walk is coming up and I have once again opened up my team page, but am still early in the process of recruiting walkers and supporters.

So the fine tuning will likely continue, but I two months in, I am energized and enjoying this thing called retirement!


A Boomer in Transition (and I almost forgot, a self-declared master chef in training)



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  1. Bravo! Perhaps you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! 🙂 Enjoy those “times” off (still not a whole day, I’ve noticed…)

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