Retirement Is . . . Movies During the Weekday!

I realized this week (I must be a slow-learner) that now I can go to the movies during the weekday if I so choose.  So on Tuesday of this week, I went to a 12:00 showing of Insurgent.

Disclosure: I did not put any of these temporary tattoos on my body.


The lines at the movie theatre at noon on a Tuesday are not long, in fact they did not exist at all.  There must have been a special price for this time because the cost was just $5.25 and it seems to me the last time I went to an afternoon movie on the weekend that it was $8.00, so another benefit.

I also had the whole back-row to myself.  Actually, I had the last three rows to myself.  This is exciting stuff for an introvert.

The movie was not bad for a sequel.  The first one was Divergent and I liked it a little better.  Please do not ask why I go to movies based on teen fiction novels.   Ok, I will tell you, I kind of like that genre these days and combined with dystopia scenario’s they are kind of interesting.

Look, I never promised that all of my posts would be super-meaningful!


A Boomer In Transition

Retirement Is . . . Flying in Class

I am writing this on the way back from NYC where I attended my first in-person board meeting (one of my post-retirement activities).

It had been 97 days since I had last set foot on an airplane and I cannot say that I missed it.  Miraculously, I was upgraded to first class on the way out, likely because it was a Sunday.  Flying back today, it was all business travelers, and I landed a coveted coach seat.  And it was just fine!

I had not fully noticed before how many of these business travelers had a stressed and harried look about them.  Maybe you don’t notice people in the same condition, with the same uniform, until you are in a different seat.

The view from coach:


This past week marked a post-retirement milestone for me as I already finished one volunteer assignment.  Our financial literacy course at church came to a successful completion, with the average couple improving their financial position by $8200 during the 9 week program!  This improvement was a combination of debt reduction and increased savings and I thought it was an impressive accomplishment for such a short time period.  Being the data person, I also find it interesting that this $8200 spread over 9 weeks worked out to being $911 per week (maybe this is the number for a financial emergency).

Ok, back to my glass of water, bag of peanuts and de-stressed life in the glamour of coach . . .


A Boomer in Transition

Retirement Is . . . Repeating Myself (All Clear)

It is quite possible, I have written on this topic before, but one of the privileges, if not responsibilities of retirement is being able to repeat oneself.

Today, I spent most of the morning at the U of M Medical Center doing a 3 month cancer check with an “All Clear” report!  This is the 7th time I have received this report and something I definitely am happy to hear repeated.

Even though I don’t believe I was overly concerned going into the check-up, shortly after texting the good news to my family I found myself with tears streaming down my face and overwhelming sense of God’s presence and protective hand on me.  I know that family was praying for this report as I did in the early morning hours, but I did not expect to be so touched in this way.

I probably should not be surprised as these “touch’s” seem to be more frequent the past few months.  Maybe they were there all along and I never stopped long enough to experience them.

Did I mention that I got an All Clear report today?  The doctor was more giddy than usual as he told me that I am getting very close to the point where the time between my cancer checks can be extended because the probability of reoccurrence will fall materially!


A Boomer In Transition, A Boomer In Transition

Retirement Is . . . Being Light!

Based on this title, you probably think I have lost weight.  Not the case.  I have gained weight (muscle, right?).  Actually I am doing more weight training, so it could very well be that I am getting more muscle, or not.

What I mean by “Being Light” is the removable of a lot of stresses.  I had a great career at a great company with great colleagues and  a great boss and I thought I handled stress well, but I guess you don’t really know how much is present “til it’s gone.”  That is not saying that life is stress-free, because it never is, but maybe it is analogous to going from the NFL to playing touch football for fun.

This has freed up significant margin in my life to try new things, spend more time on relationships and just living a “lighter” life.  An additional benefit is that I have no idea if we have any Advil in the house, because I have not needed any in a couple of months.

With spring just around the corner, the walking shoes are ready, the dog is ready, and I am ready to get some sun!


A Boomer In Transition