Retirement Is . . . Being Light!

Based on this title, you probably think I have lost weight.  Not the case.  I have gained weight (muscle, right?).  Actually I am doing more weight training, so it could very well be that I am getting more muscle, or not.

What I mean by “Being Light” is the removable of a lot of stresses.  I had a great career at a great company with great colleagues and  a great boss and I thought I handled stress well, but I guess you don’t really know how much is present “til it’s gone.”  That is not saying that life is stress-free, because it never is, but maybe it is analogous to going from the NFL to playing touch football for fun.

This has freed up significant margin in my life to try new things, spend more time on relationships and just living a “lighter” life.  An additional benefit is that I have no idea if we have any Advil in the house, because I have not needed any in a couple of months.

With spring just around the corner, the walking shoes are ready, the dog is ready, and I am ready to get some sun!


A Boomer In Transition

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