Retirement Is . . . Flying in Class

I am writing this on the way back from NYC where I attended my first in-person board meeting (one of my post-retirement activities).

It had been 97 days since I had last set foot on an airplane and I cannot say that I missed it.  Miraculously, I was upgraded to first class on the way out, likely because it was a Sunday.  Flying back today, it was all business travelers, and I landed a coveted coach seat.  And it was just fine!

I had not fully noticed before how many of these business travelers had a stressed and harried look about them.  Maybe you don’t notice people in the same condition, with the same uniform, until you are in a different seat.

The view from coach:


This past week marked a post-retirement milestone for me as I already finished one volunteer assignment.  Our financial literacy course at church came to a successful completion, with the average couple improving their financial position by $8200 during the 9 week program!  This improvement was a combination of debt reduction and increased savings and I thought it was an impressive accomplishment for such a short time period.  Being the data person, I also find it interesting that this $8200 spread over 9 weeks worked out to being $911 per week (maybe this is the number for a financial emergency).

Ok, back to my glass of water, bag of peanuts and de-stressed life in the glamour of coach . . .


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