Retirement Is . . . Movies During the Weekday!

I realized this week (I must be a slow-learner) that now I can go to the movies during the weekday if I so choose.  So on Tuesday of this week, I went to a 12:00 showing of Insurgent.

Disclosure: I did not put any of these temporary tattoos on my body.


The lines at the movie theatre at noon on a Tuesday are not long, in fact they did not exist at all.  There must have been a special price for this time because the cost was just $5.25 and it seems to me the last time I went to an afternoon movie on the weekend that it was $8.00, so another benefit.

I also had the whole back-row to myself.  Actually, I had the last three rows to myself.  This is exciting stuff for an introvert.

The movie was not bad for a sequel.  The first one was Divergent and I liked it a little better.  Please do not ask why I go to movies based on teen fiction novels.   Ok, I will tell you, I kind of like that genre these days and combined with dystopia scenario’s they are kind of interesting.

Look, I never promised that all of my posts would be super-meaningful!


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