Retirement Is . . . Repeating Myself (All Clear)

It is quite possible, I have written on this topic before, but one of the privileges, if not responsibilities of retirement is being able to repeat oneself.

Today, I spent most of the morning at the U of M Medical Center doing a 3 month cancer check with an “All Clear” report!  This is the 7th time I have received this report and something I definitely am happy to hear repeated.

Even though I don’t believe I was overly concerned going into the check-up, shortly after texting the good news to my family I found myself with tears streaming down my face and overwhelming sense of God’s presence and protective hand on me.  I know that family was praying for this report as I did in the early morning hours, but I did not expect to be so touched in this way.

I probably should not be surprised as these “touch’s” seem to be more frequent the past few months.  Maybe they were there all along and I never stopped long enough to experience them.

Did I mention that I got an All Clear report today?  The doctor was more giddy than usual as he told me that I am getting very close to the point where the time between my cancer checks can be extended because the probability of reoccurrence will fall materially!


A Boomer In Transition, A Boomer In Transition

3 thoughts on “Retirement Is . . . Repeating Myself (All Clear)

  1. Congratulations, Dean! What wonderful news to hear over and over again! No, we’ll never get tired of hearing those words from you, “All clear.” What a relief and a life brightener! \

    We continue to stand with you on “Team Dean,” and we send our hearty, heartfelt congratulations as you walk this journey of healing and retirement. We love you and Tammie so much!

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