Retirement Is . . . Volunteering!

After months of planning, we finally launched our formal Bladder Cancer Support Group this week.  See picture below:


IMG_0572 2

Ok, same picture, but when you are retired, I am declaring that redundancy is allowed.  We had a nice turnout and good chemistry with the group with a combination of cancer survivors, people currently going through cancer treatment, and caregivers.  This is now the only Bladder Cancer Support group in Minnesota as far as we know, yet bladder cancer is the 4th most common cancer among men in this country.  As most of you know, this support group is an extension of the peer-to-peer mentoring that I have been doing now for about 18 months.

Next month’s support group meeting is already planned so we are off and running with one of the volunteer activities I have really been looking forward to!


Cancer Survivor and A Boomer In Transition


Retirement Is . . . Moving!

I had just given a presentation to about 40 soon -to -graduate college students on basic financial tips for when they leave college in a few weeks.  I included my “timeless tips” that I have accumulated over the years and that includes the call to avoid spontaneous purchases.  Then the next day we spontaneously buy a new house!

As a clarification, we generally follow our own advice when  it comes to avoiding spontaneous purchases.  I mean sometimes we will buy a cone for $1.07 spontaneously, something small like that, but this is now the second house we have purchased spontaneously.  I suppose if you are going to violate your own “timeless tips”, might just as well go big!

The more complete story is that we had told a realtor friend a few months ago that we wanted to move into a townhouse in the same general area where we currently live in 3-5 years.  Being a good realtor, he of course found us what we wanted in the more like 3 – 5 weeks and when the price came down, we decided to make an offer and it was accepted thereby violating another “timeless tip” to practice delayed gratification.  I could probably argue that if you are retired, you need to be careful how long gratification is delayed!

So in a couple of months we will be moving 6 blocks to a new townhouse with our backyard being the University of Minnesota agricultural fields.  I guess I am going back to my roots.

The adventure called retirement continues . . .


A Boomer In Transition

Retirement Is … Jumping Rope

This past week was a PR (personal record) for me in jumping rope.  But first some history.  I did not learn how to jump rope until I was 50, just goes to show you can teach old dogs new tricks.  My trainer had me start doing this as part of my workout program.

It did not take me too long to coordinate my rope swing with my jump and well before I was 51, I was pretty smooth and feeling quite good about this new skill.

Because single swings of the rope were not enough, eventually I was told to do two swings of the rope for each jump.  In the world of jump roping, this is called a double-under.  I don’t know what was wrong with me, but this was a lot more challenging than learning single-unders.  About a year ago, I could do some double-unders, but never more than one or two in row.  My goal for the last year has been to get to the point where I could do 10 in a row and this week I knocked off 11 in a row!

The solution for me was using a shorter rope.  The rope I had been using was too long and I would get tangled in my feet trying to increase the rope speed.  Retirement for me is a shorter rope, with less on my schedule, it is easier to stay untangled.  It has been a long time since my rope was short enough to actually attend a Good Friday service, but today my biggest decision was to decide which one to attend.

Happy Easter!


A Boomer In Transition