Retirement Is . . . Moving!

I had just given a presentation to about 40 soon -to -graduate college students on basic financial tips for when they leave college in a few weeks.  I included my “timeless tips” that I have accumulated over the years and that includes the call to avoid spontaneous purchases.  Then the next day we spontaneously buy a new house!

As a clarification, we generally follow our own advice when  it comes to avoiding spontaneous purchases.  I mean sometimes we will buy a cone for $1.07 spontaneously, something small like that, but this is now the second house we have purchased spontaneously.  I suppose if you are going to violate your own “timeless tips”, might just as well go big!

The more complete story is that we had told a realtor friend a few months ago that we wanted to move into a townhouse in the same general area where we currently live in 3-5 years.  Being a good realtor, he of course found us what we wanted in the more like 3 – 5 weeks and when the price came down, we decided to make an offer and it was accepted thereby violating another “timeless tip” to practice delayed gratification.  I could probably argue that if you are retired, you need to be careful how long gratification is delayed!

So in a couple of months we will be moving 6 blocks to a new townhouse with our backyard being the University of Minnesota agricultural fields.  I guess I am going back to my roots.

The adventure called retirement continues . . .


A Boomer In Transition

4 thoughts on “Retirement Is . . . Moving!

  1. Dean – I’d like to comment on your many moves. The story of those moves was well told and should be made into a movie. The info on Move I and Move II was exciting so I am awaiting the appearance of Move III. I was amazed at how masterfully you put then into a chronological order. Thus, I suppose that Move III is still to come. While on the subject, I would like permission for a Move IV. I have, located at 1996 Langton Lake Drive, two pieces of wedding apparal that are the property of the female occupant of you lovely home. I would request a Move IV which would move that wedding apparal from my home on the lake to your place at Questwoo Lane. Previous requests have been denied. As for assistance, I need non. No college students or professional truckers, I can carry out the plan alone. I request you ask the other half of your household to expedite this ASAP.


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