Retirement Is . . . Volunteering!

After months of planning, we finally launched our formal Bladder Cancer Support Group this week.  See picture below:


IMG_0572 2

Ok, same picture, but when you are retired, I am declaring that redundancy is allowed.  We had a nice turnout and good chemistry with the group with a combination of cancer survivors, people currently going through cancer treatment, and caregivers.  This is now the only Bladder Cancer Support group in Minnesota as far as we know, yet bladder cancer is the 4th most common cancer among men in this country.  As most of you know, this support group is an extension of the peer-to-peer mentoring that I have been doing now for about 18 months.

Next month’s support group meeting is already planned so we are off and running with one of the volunteer activities I have really been looking forward to!


Cancer Survivor and A Boomer In Transition


4 thoughts on “Retirement Is . . . Volunteering!

    • Thanks Erik, you are correct, this was the last piece of my post-retirement gigs that I had envisioned several months ago!

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