Retirement Is … Rookie Time!

After a 32 year career, it is crazy that I am now a rookie in almost everything I am doing.  Setting up a cancer support group, being on a mutual fund board, an advisory board of a tech company, and teaching a university course.  I am a rookie on all of these!

The catalyst for writing this is a long plane ride to Frankfurt, Germany last week where on the plane ride back, I wrote the Final Exam for my university course.  Yes, believe it or not my rookie season is coming to close with just two weeks of classes remaining.  Overall, I feel like it has gone very well.  No one dropped my class, which I think is good, and I am ending the semester as enthused about it as when I started.

My rookie season of teaching resulted in at least three surprises for me:

1)  Teaching is a lot of work.  Never have I got paid so little for doing so much work!  My respect for teachers was pretty high going into this semester but even higher having lived it for 12 weeks.

2) Teaching is dynamic, not static.  I sort of knew this, but I lost track of how many times I ended up blowing up my syllabus over the course of the semester and making adjustments to nearly every element of it.

3) Teaching is rewarding.  I expected this, but not to the level of what has actually occurred.  I really enjoy the students, the interaction, and helping them learn as well as connect to the business world.


A “Rookie” Boomer In Transition

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