Retirement Is . . . Seat 32C on Delta

Now that I am not traveling as much I don’t get upgraded as much, and that is NO PROBLEM!

Disclosure:  I actually had a better seat in what they call “Economy Comfort”, but swapped with a guy who had tight connections in Minneapolis.  The situation is that I was flying back from Washington DC after attending a fund director conference.   The flight back was delayed because of an air show at Washington Reagan Airport that included at least one of every plane that the U.S. flew in WWII.  Very cool, and worth the delay!

It really is remarkable how little space there is back in 32C.  It was no small accomplishment to get my briefcase under the seat in front of me and then later when I wanted to use it, I had to use all my known yoga poses to get it open.  Delta is quite generous these days and I received rations of two small bags of peanuts.  Neither of these bags had been given the “starter cut” on the top, I guess the hope is that you will not be able to open them and then they can give them out again to passengers on the next flight, teeth marks and all.  I did manage to get both bags open, but worked up a sweat in the process, and then I sat back in luxuriating comfort and savored each of the 14 nuts.

This is my life now.

Can you tell I spent most of the day cleaning the garage?

Our house goes on the market this Friday, so no more time to reminisce about the comfort of 32C.


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