Retirement Is . . . Upside Down

This is how I feel lately:


Yes, this is me.  And my trainer says there are all sorts of benefits to doing handstands.  I guess it helps “shock” the body, reverse blood flow, and so on.  It is a miracle that I can even do this, just two years after major cancer surgery, so I am not complaining!

Life has been like a handstand lately, with our house going on the market 5 days ago.  Tammie and I have been in a sprint the last several weeks to get our house on the market by our target date of May 15th after spontaneously purchasing a new house 5 weeks ago.  It was a lot of work getting this house de-cluttered, repaired, cleaned,  and re-cleaned (as our dog decided to throw up on the carpet right after it was cleaned).  Tammie, did a lot of the work, so she may be more upside down than me right now, but it certainly has changed our normal routines these past few weeks.  It has been so long since we put a house on the market, that I have forgotten about how when you leave the house for an extended period of time, like more than 30 minutes, that you have to leave it in shape to have someone walk through it as a potential buyer.  This has been disruptive to say the least.

I am hoping that this house-on-the-market-handstand we are in will have the same health benefits of the physical handstand.  We shall see.


A Boomer In Transition, and standing on my head while writing this.

One thought on “Retirement Is . . . Upside Down

  1. Dean,

    God has given you so much creativity and humor; love this post! Praying for you and Tammie in this– yet another– transition!

    Paula and Scott

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