Father’s Day

Yes, I know that Father’s Day is tomorrow.  Those of us who are father’s will probably get cards, or visits, or phone calls and those are an opportunity for father’s to receive affirmation, love and recognition from their kids.  Yet, this morning driving back from the gym in the lightly falling rain, I was reflecting on how much of a blessing it is to be a father.

I feel like I am extra blessed to have been able to visit my father every week for the past six months and look forward to many more of those visits.  But I also am blessed to have both kids and son-in-law in the area and to be able to connect with them almost every week.  I have enjoyed the different stages of fatherhood, from those early mornings giving a bottle to one of the kids while watching Canadian arm wrestling championships on ESPN2 (that is what is on at 2 or 3 in the morning in case you were wondering), to watching tennis and concert performances , and to being a sounding board on school and jobs.

For me, tomorrow will be a good day to slow down and enjoy family.  We have been on a sprint these last several weeks with the starting gun being the spontaneous purchase of a house, then getting our house ready to go on the market, having a flurry of showings, getting an offer and accepting it,  buying furniture for the new house, and yesterday starting the process of changing our addresses.  This change of address thing, even though we are only moving 6 blocks away, is a project unto itself and something I plan to write about in a future post.


Father, and Boomer In Transition


In the last 8 weeks, we have bought a new townhouse, got our existing single family house on the market, and now in the past week have sold our house.  We got rid of 3.1 tons of stuff in a huge roll-off dumpster, made about a dozen trips with my truck to donate to Goodwill, took a truck load of stuff to donate to a church garage sale, took a truck load of books, CD’s, DVD’s, vinyl records (might have even got rid of my KC and the Sunshine band album) to Half Price Books and earned enough money to pay the gas on my truck for all the trips to Goodwill, and still had to get the “Got Junk” truck out to pick up another load of stuff.  Oh, and of course, we needed a 10 x 15 storage locker to hold stuff we may sell or are just not sure what to do with or simply had to get out of the house in our frenzied de-cluttering and downsizing effort.

The stage is now set for us to move in the middle of July.  We are only moving about 6 blocks away because we like our neighborhood and we like the location equidistant between St. Paul and Minneapolis and we like being only two stoplights away from Target Store #1.  So in mid July Three Men and a Truck (also known in these parts as Two Men and a Truck, but we decided to add the third Man for a speedier move) will load up what is remaining in our house after our downsizing efforts and move us into the new townhouse.  The next day we will if all goes as planned, close on the sale of our current house and thereby close the loop on this transition.

And this will begin a new chapter in our lives, in a new home, after a crazy spring and early summer!


A Boomer In A “Downsized” Transition and  Glad I Own a Truck