The Great De-Clutter!

Yes, there still will be a part II, but in the last two weeks we moved 6 blocks.  That may not sound like much, but I figure we got rid of at least nine tons of stuff.  Why do I say  nine tons, well, the large roll-off dumpster we had in our driveway for the first increment of The Great De-Clutter weighed in at 3.1 tons of contents.  You see they weigh it and you get charged by anything over one ton.  Why you would get a large driveway-filling dumpster and be limited to one ton makes no sense to me, but we will just add that to the list.

The second increment of The Great De-Clutter resulted in at least 20, yes 20, pickup loads of stuff to Goodwill.  Granted, I do not have a big pickup and I am kind of sensitive about that, but still, that must have been at least another ton.

The third increment of The Great De-Clutter involved the Got Junk truck.  They are very customer-friendly and like to get up close and personal with the junk themselves.  You get billed by how much of the truck you use, and on this increment we used half-a-truck.  Likely another ton.

The fourth increment of The Great De-Clutter involved selling a bunch of stuff on Craigslist.  BTW, the next time you are thinking of buying something new, think twice, or just walk away, as you will probably only get about 4 percent of what you paid for it (or in some states about half of your sales tax when you sell it).  Another ton.

The fifth increment of The Great De-Clutter was pure panic.  Three more pickup loads to Goodwill, one load to Half-Price Books where they give you about one half of one percent of what you paid for the books, two pickup loads to Bridging, and the second coming of the Got Junk truck.  This time according to the customer friendly people at Got Junk we would need 5/8’s of a truck-load and then it turned out to be three-fourths.  I cannot tell the difference between 5/8’s of a truck vs three-fourths, but I guess when you get up close and personal with junk all the time, it is easy to tell.  I am guessing here – another two tons!

Only in America, do we accumulate so much junk!  No wonder I am tired from all that moving stuff that at one point in our lives we felt we needed – guess not!

Our new house is great!  It is actually about 400 square feet bigger than our old one and we better not accumulate another nine tons of stuff we do not need again!  Oh, and our backyard is the U of M agricultural fields, very cool, and I spend a lot of time literally going back to my roots wandering those fields.


A De-Cluttered Boomer In Transition

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