Boomer In Transition Is T.G.I.R.

T.G.I.R. stands for Thank God I’m Retired (with an exclamation mark!).

As I have been updating you on this transition, I ask myself a few questions.  BTW, whether you are retired or not, you can always ask yourself questions as well as answer them.  Helpful Hint:  When you answer the questions out loud on the sidewalk or in a store, no one bothers you, or asks if they can help you find something!

Questions I have been thinking about lately:

1.  Is retirement all it’s cracked up to be?

Answer:  Yes

What?  Do you want me to elaborate?  A single word answer is not enough?  Ok, “yes, definitely.”

2.  Does one get bored in retirement?

Answer:  No

Longer Answer: No, because I went on two boards, started a cancer support group, starting teaching at a university, started volunteering at local CFA Society, started being a mentor and job search self-declared expert for college students looking to get into the investment field, bought a house, sold a house, convinced my parents to sell their house and look for a new place to live, moved tons of stuff out of our house, now helping parents move tons of stuff out of their house, spent more time in furniture stores since retired than I have cumulatively the previous years of my life, walked enough miles to earn Fitbit’s Russian Railway 5700 mile badge, and so on . . .

3.  Are you too busy in retirement?

Answer:  Maybe, only because of all the moves, which I did not anticipate doing within a few months of retirement.  Ex the moves, it seems about right for me.

4.  Do you wish you would have taken 6 or 12 months to do nothing after you retired?

Answer:  No, first of all, why?  Second, I know a lot of people talk about this, but then want to somehow get back engaged in the industry in a consulting or board role, and I think you lose your value when you don’t go after these opportunities right away.  This is just my opinion, and not proven by historical data of any kind.

5.  What was the biggest surprise so far?

Answer:  That I have absolutely no regrets and I have not even had a moment of looking back or feeling some loss of identity.

6.  Do retired people actually take naps?

Answer:  This one does.  Not every day, but I find that a 20 minute nap early afternoon, which is about 10 hours after I get up in the morning, does wonders and there is medical evidence to suggest that this a good idea, retired or not!

T.G.I.R. for now . . . (think how they say tiger in Winnie the Pooh)


A Boomer In Transition

One thought on “Boomer In Transition Is T.G.I.R.

  1. Dean – I don’t get into Facebook very often so had not seen this bit of creative writing. I join you in saying that retirement is a wonderful time, quite a bit ahead of working, But the conclusion that I get from your article is that you are only retired “officially” and not “realistically”. Aside from the naps, you still spend most of your day being engaged in some type of work, be it mental or physical. However one looks at it, I like your style of retirement!

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