The Summer of Moves

Yesterday we performed Move II of this summer of moves by moving my parents into a new house.  We just moved 5 weeks ago, so we already had some good practice for this Move II.

My parents moved just a quarter mile up the road (whether north, south, east or west moves in the country are always characterized as “up the road” or “up the road a bit”).  This will be a temporary move and will lead to Move III when the seniors housing complex they are on the waiting list for has an opening for them.

We had a great crew for Move II with family, college students, a minivan, two trucks and a trailer, all working seamlessly together for a one day complete move!  As an aside, the two college guys that helped us headed off to the weight room to lift weights after 10 hours of moving furniture, illustrating the benefit of having some 20 year olds help you move!

I talked to my mom this morning and she already felt good about the new place, how the move went, and making this first step of the multi-move journey!

Other than helping our son move back to college this week, I think the summer of moves is almost over, so stay tuned until Move III . . .


A Boomer In Transition and self-declared expert on moves

p.s.  I am not going to the weight room to lift weights today.

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