Two Cancer Survivors Go For A Walk . . .

There are two cancer survivors in our immediate family.  Our 11 year old Beagle and me.

As way of background, our 11 year old Beagle was treated and cured of cancer 3 years ago at the University of Minnesota Veterinary School and I was treated and cured of cancer over two years ago at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.  We both got excellent care, but I am still a little jealous of our dog who nearly every time he went in for radiation treatment  had people down on their hands and knees, petting him and telling him how cute he is.  No one petted me or told me how cute I was when I went through treatment!  I am slowly getting over this.

Over the past two years, I have become more convinced than ever about the importance of prayer and walking in recovery from a serious medical condition.  These past two summers, the two cancer survivors in our family have averaged over 60 miles of walking every week.  I use these walks to pray, often out loud, to “spot” journal (I bring a pen and notebook with me just to jot down a quick phrase or two), to meditate and to just be quiet and listen.  Our dog chases squirrels and rabbits if I let him go on our spring-loaded leash, no journaling for him!

Thankfully both of us remain cancer-free.  The walking has been good for both of us, but it is interesting that at one of our dog’s checkup’s right after his cancer treatment 3 years ago, he got a clean bill of health regarding cancer, but we were told he had muscle degeneration and arthritis in a few places.  At his most recent check-up, the vet could find no evidence of muscle degeneration or arthritis.  Could it be all the walking these last two summers?

Moral of the story:  1) Pray and 2) Walk!


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2 thoughts on “Two Cancer Survivors Go For A Walk . . .

  1. Very interesting comparisons between the situations of Carter and yourself. I do sympathize with you in not getting the petting and warm reception that your dog gets. You are decidedly due those same treatments. Maybe you should speak up more! I appreciate your having that time to pray and contemplate the world around you. I have gotten to taking more morning
    walks and I find it to be the nicest time of the day. This morning it was at 6:00 after I had delivered my papers to my 3rd floor customers. It was so quiet and beautiful out there at that time.

    • Thanks Rod! The mornings this summer have been spectacular, or maybe I was just too busy to notice prior summers. I am glad to hear your paper deliveries are continuing at 6 am!

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