Two Busy Post-Retirement Weeks

In the last two weeks, I was in NYC for 2 days for board meetings, in Dublin for 4 days (including travel) for a global investment education committee meeting, led a bladder cancer support group (my 6th month of leading one), talked to a guy in Spokane who wanted to pick my brain about starting a support group , taught 3 classes, set up two networking opportunities for students, and reviewed half a dozen resumes.   Long sentence, long two weeks!

Things should look more like retirement the next two weeks, back to my normal teaching schedule and more pre-dawn walks with the dog, see pic below of the moon on the horizon this morning:


Full red moon, I think they call it.

I have to say that these pre-dawn walking in the dark journeys are more relaxing than even the daylight walks.  I have an elaborate reflector vest deal that I wear, plus a super high power headlight lamp that I wear on a backward facing baseball cap.  It would be quite the sight to see if it were not completely dark out!

I am thinking that I should wear my reflector/headlight outfit when I go for my dental appointment this week.  I no longer have dental insurance (which is no great deal anyway), so now I do my dental work at the U of M dental school.  It is my own personal opinion that I am the most normal looking person in the waiting room and I think my pre-dawn outfit would help me fit in a little better.

My first appointment a couple of months ago was an international experience with a 4th year dental student from India and a 3rd year dental student as the assistant from Romania, data was entered into the computer by a 2nd year dental student from China, all supervised by a dental professor from somewhere in the U.S.  It was the most thorough and complete dental exam I have ever had and not very expensive.

Ok, time to do some laundry . . .


A Boomer In Transition

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