Like A Toddler

Toddler’s usually measure their age in months, so do cancer survivors.

This week marks my 30th month of being cancer-free!  Like a toddler, the last 30 months have been filled with many lessons and several milestones.  For example, this week was the first time I was able to do an unassisted hand-stand pushup.  Like a toddler, I was surprised when it actually happened!  Like a toddler, I may even boast that I could be the only person in the world without an original bladder who can do this.  When something good happens in the life of a toddler they don’t worry about fact-checking, they just declare it!

Like a toddler, the last 30 months has been a time of learning about myself.  I am learning, and often re-learning to live each day as a gift from God.  I am learning, and often re-learning to trust God’s plan for my life.  Neither of these are easy for me as I would rather worry about tomorrow and make my own plans, but like a toddler when I fall down I get up.

And as the lyrics in the contemporary Christian song, The Stand declare, I am learning to live life with hands high and heart abandoned, definitely like a toddler.  Just ask my family how much “people” stuff the introvert has been doing since retirement!

And like a toddler, I am not always successful, but I am learning to celebrate the handstand pushup milestones along this journey.


A Boomer In Transition

6 thoughts on “Like A Toddler

  1. Hi Dean 🙂
    Your weekly blog is such a gift! Thank you for writing your story of everyday life in such a transparent and humble way. I love opening and reading every one and the introspection it causes for me.
    Congrats on the handstand–that’s awesome!
    Cheers to the toddler!!🎉🎉🎉
    Atta boy!👍🏼👍🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  2. Happy 30th month anniversary to you (and Tammie, too)– 2 1/2 years! How GOOD to celebrate along with you the life God has given you back and to see the “new and improved” Dean Junkans continue to take on new challenges and dreams. Dean, you are an inspiration to all of us! Didn’t think the old Dean needed any improvement, but it’s so obvious that your life is shining bright with God’s grace and joy– more than ever before! Keep up the great work and also the entertaining blogs!

  3. 30 months and counting-awesome! I’m so proud of your commitment to mentoring, supporting and guiding others toward improving their care/lives during their cancer journey’s. You are most definitely an inspiration to so many others. Way to get outside your comfort zone in such a positive way!
    Congrats on the unassisted handstand push-up-pretty good for an old guy !

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