Real Books . . .

So I actually went to a bookstore today and bought real books, not non-fiction books, but physical books!  Believe it or not we have the technology to produce real books that you can touch!  It has been a while since I bought a real book, having adapted a while ago to “downloading” books and reading on an electronic device. In case you have forgotten, here is what real books look like:


Isn’t that crazy!

BTW, you will notice a new Vince Flynn book.  That is not a mis-print. As many of you know Vince Flynn passed away from prostate cancer  in 2013 and Kyle Mills (a very good author in his own right), was asked by the family and publisher to continue the Mitch Rapp character developed by Flynn.

Please, no cards and letters, texts or emails, until I finish these two “real” books and start acting like a true retiree!


A Boomer In Transition

p.s. I lost my Fitbit today walking the hound, so those tracking my step count will have to take my word for it, rather than relying on technology.  “yes, I walked a good piece today, probably ’bout 12 lengths of the corn field in our back 40.”


2 thoughts on “Real Books . . .

  1. Just finished “The Survivor” – hard cover (borrowed)…but I won’t tell you how it ends!
    Followed Vince Flynn pretty closely (following my own ’bout’ with prostate cancer). Grateful they discovered mine younger and earlier.
    Enjoy the read.

    • Thanks Curt, I have read quite a few of Kyle Mills novels and like his writing style, so I have high expectations of his ability to continue the Mitch Rapp novels! Interesting that the first title is “The Survivor”, and I am right there with you in being grateful to be a “Cancer Survivor.”

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