I have been reflecting the last few days on ROI.  In the world of investments and corporate finance, ROI stands for Return On Investment.  The company or the investor invests money and expects a good return on that investment.  Legions of professionals analyze it, fret over it, lose sleep over it, and try to achieve it.

As I am already in the 6th week of my second semester teaching, I am finding that ROI for me is not measured in money, but in time.  So far this week, I have spent 2 hours and 20 minutes in the classroom.  I suppose after-tax, after donut purchases for my class, and after buying lunches for business people I am bringing on campus that my ROI on that time is maybe $50.  But I also invested at least 9 hours this week meeting with several different students doing things like preparing them for interviews, connecting them to business mentors, connecting them to job opportunities and just talking about career opportunities that could be right for them.  ROI on this time?  Only time will tell.

For me, the only ROI I need is the joy in this newfound journey, which is deeply satisfying.


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