Change of Status: Semi-Retired


This has been a very emotional week as I spent time on the phone and in person with my parents going through health issues.  My Mom is in pain and needs back surgery and it is a process to figure out how to proceed and where to get treatment, but good progress was made this week.  When I took my Dad to the fitness center one day earlier this week, it was a tough day for him.  I probably should have not even tried to get him there as he just did not have the energy to do very much.  It made me  sad to see him that weak and I shed more than a few tears thinking about it.   The good news is that it was just a bad day, with a poor night’s sleep the night before and a very busy “bridge too far” day of activities the prior day.

The week has also been marked by lot’s of mentoring students, two getting job offers, and then being able to celebrate those successes as I was probably one of the first to know.  I keep getting calls out of the blue with people or caregivers of people diagnosed with bladder cancer and I was able to help someone this week with lot’s of information on the disease and how to evaluate different treatment options.   In addition, I talked to a TV reporter who is doing a segment on bladder cancer and will be coming to my classroom next week to interview me.  As a result of all these activities, I am now saying that I am semi-retired, not retired.  It took me almost 11 months to figure out that I am not really retired after all, thus the change in status!

This afternoon, though my thoughts are of my son, who turns 20 years old tomorrow.  What an incredible blessing he has been and I look forward to celebrating with him this weekend.


A Boomer In Transition, Semi-Retired

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