Update on Three Men & A Baby

According to my various calendars, it is now November in Minnesota and the project near our house is picking up some momentum.  The past two mornings, there appeared to be as many as six men working at a time and no sign of the baby.

We have had an unusually warm last few days and this is giving the crew the opportunity to complete the project before Spring.  There is a new bike path along the road that is now finished and I walked our dog on the path for the first time yesterday. I was wearing my New Balance walking shoes with patented roll bar technology, the shoes that cost me more than two months rent for my first apartment post-college, and I have to say that the path is so smooth I had to check my feet a few times to make sure I was really walking!

Speaking of walking, it has been a really good week for my step count.  I have had two days with more than 30,000 steps each day and according to Fitbit, I earned some new badge for this feat.  Not sure what I will do with the badge, maybe I can turn it in to the shoe store for another pair of walking shoes.


A Boomer In Transition

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