One Year Later . . .

One year ago today, I retired from a great job and started a new adventure that some call retirement.  I could write several pages on what I have been up to this past year, but I have already done that, and many of those pages are on this blog in the form of over 60 posts.

As a I sit in my recliner (doesn’t that sound like a retiree activity?) with the Orange Bowl on mute in the background, I want to reflect for a few minutes on the year that is nearly complete.  This year has been a completely new chapter in my life and as I think about all that has transpired, all the change that has taken place, and all that I have learned, I keep coming back to the prayer that started this year in motion.

My cancer diagnosis in November of 2012 started a period of soul searching for me that led to this past year.  Cancer was never on my calendar, agenda, schedule or life plan.  In fact, the cancer I ended up being diagnosed with was one I had never heard of before being told I had it.  I had absolutely ZERO risk factors for this type of cancer and after getting over the initial shock of the diagnosis and figuring out the treatment plan, many of my prayers turned to Why?  Why me?  Not in a feeling sorry for myself Why, but a Why that leads to a What?  What am I supposed to learn from this?  What am I supposed to do with whatever time I have left?  Again, not a feeling sorry for myself or defeatist mentality, but with an open mind and heart.

Have you ever heard “Be Careful What you Pray for?”.  God answered the Why for me and the answer was to quit relying on myself and start relying on Him.  A student asked me this past semester what led me to retirement and I said that I had been living my life in three partitions:  1) I let God drive one=third of my life.  2)  I drove a third of my life with my own road map.  3)  And one-third of my life was partially being led by God, but I was a pretty annoying backseat driver.  My Why prayer was answered with “Turn all your partitions over to Me and I will provide you the directions.”

After the Why, the What I would do feel neatly into place.  Many of my What activities, I would not have envisioned several years ago.  Who would have thought that the introvert would enjoy visiting complete strangers in the hospital and be good at it?  Who would have thought that I would enjoy mentoring people about how to approach their health journey at the point of diagnosis?  I could list many more, but you get the point.

Some things, however, do not change and if I can make it to 9:00 pm on New Year’s Eve, that will be about it for me for the year!

Happy New Year!


A Boomer In Transition

3 thoughts on “One Year Later . . .

  1. Happy New Year Dean. We continue to be inspired by you. May 2016 continue to bring you many blessings in return for the multitude of blessings you bring to all around you.



    • Thanks Jay! Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope you got a chance to refresh and recharge for the year ahead.

      Take care,

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