When the Old Dog Wanders Back . . .

Does anyone else have trouble with technology?  Last semester I was in this very steep learning curve in order to get  40 class lectures on PowerPoint.  In case you were wondering, it is possible to teach old dogs new tricks, and by the end of the semester I had mastered transitions, fades, pictures and imbedded video’s.  Then the old dog wandered back.  For whatever reason, I have had a lot of trouble this semester running video’s imbedded in presentations at school.  When I build the presentations at home, they work just fine, but I guess there is a stronger firewall at school that blocks them.

So, just to show that old dogs who learn new tricks can go back to old ways, I finally decided to strip out most of the “cool” stuff, rely less on PowerPoint, and do more speaking from the heart, which is what I wanted to do in the first place!  This week, I did my last two lectures for the semester and I feel like they were very good (unbiased opinion, of course).  The reason:  I simplified the message and focused only on what I wanted the students to remember 5 minutes after they left the classroom.  I added back more stories (some of which were even true) into my lectures, and worried a little less about dumping lot’s of content on them.

Going into this week, I had been a little frustrated that a few students have been so immobilized by the stress of a busy end to a semester and finals lurking, that they were starting to check out.  Yesterday, at the beginning of class, I asked if I was correct in my view that a lot of students are stressed , behind on projects, running out of time, and/or fighting off colds and I got a lot of affirmative head nods.  I then prayed for the students before my lecture that they would have endurance, strength, focus, good use of time, health and the peace that God is in control and can help them through the next couple weeks before Christmas vacation.  It was probably the best thing I did all semester.


A Boomer In Transition


2 thoughts on “When the Old Dog Wanders Back . . .

  1. I think this “old dog” is learning well how to teach and impact people. Teaching is an interesting, sometimes frustrating and ultimately rewarding profession. Good teachers never do it exactly the same way twice- the experience is constantly shaped by the students. You are working well in that process. Semester 2- well done!

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