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Today will be the test.  I have been bragging about how I have been at home by myself blasting country music through our home speaker system.  I have also started to build my own country workout playlists on my phone as part of my Amazon Prime service.  I have 8 country songs on the list I am currently using.  If played through twice, I can get a one hour cardio workout covered by country music.  Usually, I can listen to favorite songs about 200 times before I cannot stand them any longer.  For some reason, after listening to this playlist for 6 cardio workouts, and the math would be 6×2=12 listens to each song, I can barely stand them.  I am going to try it again today to see if this was a fluke.  Maybe I am coming down with some new illness, but  according to past trends I really should have about 188 more listens left before I get to this point.

I know some of you are thinking, Wow he needs to find something to do!  Not so.  It was actually a very busy week. The week began with a big doctor appointment with my Mom and Dad.  My Dad was checked over very thoroughly by his doctor and some needed adjustments were made in his medication and treatment plan.  On the way back, my Mom, who is almost as frugal as my Grandma Nellie, had 4 coupons for free Junior Frosty’s at Wendy’s.  It is possible that I had two and my Dad had two (please do not tell my trainer or the country music issue will be the least of my problems).  My Mom just watched us down them.  One of the highlights of the week was two trips to downtown to see former work colleagues and friends.  This was a lot of fun, some great stories, updates on what is happening and just good reconnecting.  I also met with someone at a different firm who heard “I was the person to talk to about how to retire.”  Maybe this will be a new career for me “Pre-Retirement Consultant.”

Ok, heading to the coffee shop to meet with my men’s group.  Then to the gym to see what’s up with this country funk.  Wish me luck.


A Boomer In Transition

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  1. At least Mom didn’t line you up at the restaurant so they could see how skinny you are! Next time you might get the free buffet at the casino!

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