Sick and tired of being sick…yoga anyone?

Two weeks into the new year and I have been sick every day.  Finally went to the doc and it turns out I have sinus infection and bronchitis.  Why I waited this long to get the good drugs, I don’t know.  I know better given the amount of doctoring I have done the last three years.  I guess my health so far this year has paralleled the stock market, weak!  Disclaimer: once an investment person, always an investment person.

My goal to do more yoga this year (or any yoga at all) derailed right away.  However, tomorrow I have signed up for a yoga day at my local healthy club.  I will be going to three yoga classes (scary), getting a spa treatment (not scary), and a healthy lunch (scary) as part of this day.  At the time I signed up, I was the only guy signed up (scary), and I have absolutely no intel on how these events have gone in the past.  This will either jump start me on a yoga program this year, or it will turn me off yoga completely.  In spite of the tone of this paragraph, I am keeping an open mind on this topic.

Next week, I start my second installment of c0-leading Financial Peace University at our church.  I am looking forward to it as my son will be attending and helping me with the logistics.  This program helped a lot of people get their finances on track last time we did it and I am excited to see the impact once again.

Today, I am hanging around the house, it is 8 below zero without the wind chill.  I have already made it to Target, so no reason to go out again until I fire up the truck to pick up  my daughter and son-in-law from the airport after three weeks in Australia and New Zealand.

Now doesn’t this post sound more like a retiree!?!?


A Boomer In Transition

p.s. I have country music blasting through our in-house sound system while I am writing this.  My country music addiction continues to get worse during retirement.

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