Impact, Not Numbers

I like numbers.  Maybe I like numbers too much.  So, initially, when I had my smallest crowd ever for the bladder cancer support group that I lead, I was a little bummed.  Ok, moderately bummed.  Yet we ended up being exactly the right place at exactly the right time for a new person who joined us who was just diagnosed and heard this was the place to go for answers.

As it turned out, the new person is having exactly the same kind of surgery that I had and wanted to know about the experience from a patient’s perspective, including all the details of the recovery process.  Since I like numbers, I usually like details, and new person got lots of details.  We actually threw away our script and agenda for the night and completely focused on new person.  BTW, HIPPA regulations do not allow me to say names or gender, this is way I am using “new person” references.

As I was driving home after the support group, I was no longer bummed at all about the numbers.  It is so easy to lose track of the purpose and focus on how many people show up, rather than the impact.  And I felt like we made an impact for this one, new person and isn’t that what a support group is all about? (Yes)

A good reminder this week that it’s about impact, not numbers.


A Boomer In Transition

2 thoughts on “Impact, Not Numbers

  1. Amen, Dean, each soul matters, as you invest in them with untold dividends on the investment! Always a day brightener to read about your retirement journey. Thank you!

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