My first job fair

So, I guess I am retired, yet today I attended my first job fair!  No, I am not looking for a job (although two company reps I talked to asked if I was interested in a  job – the answer was no), I attended the Private College Job Fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

This job fair had 260 employers looking to fill internships, part-time jobs, summer jobs, and full time career positions.  I attended today for two reasons:  1.  Just to observe and get the lay of the land so I can be better equipped to mentor students and connect them to opportunities and 2.  To bring my son so he could experience it and get some practice talking to company reps.  I also made several good connections with people at companies that had not been previously on my radar screen.

Over the course of the day, I talked to several of my students who attended and I was able to do some on-the-fly coaching from my observations and discussions.  If I learned anything today, it was that the opportunities are often on the road less traveled.  I spent most of my time connecting with companies who had literally no students talking to them, yet had openings!  Many of these companies are ones you have not heard of, certainly not the name-brand companies who had enormous lines of students waiting to talk to them.  Many of these companies are in areas like logistics, food distribution, banking(primarily small to medium sized), non-profit and government (also non-profit, if you were wondering).  I directed several students to talk to some of these firms, with no waiting, and no interest, but jobs!

The day was also an outstanding day with my son, who is a college sophomore.  The older I get, the more time I can spend with my kids, is time that I cherish.


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  1. Job Fairs can be overwhelming for students so I am glad you can share your words of wisdom as they seek job opportunities and look at companies that they may have not considered.

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