37th on Upgrade List

I made a trip to our nation’s capital this past week to attend an independent director’s conference.  I must say, as dysfunctional as our government seems to be these days, there is still something almost inspiring to go to Washington DC, to drive by the memorials, and to think about the courage and the sacrifices to create our still great country.

Since my conference started Monday afternoon, I took the early flight to Washington Reagan airport and knew by the throngs of business travelers or lobbyists, or whoever was going to DC that early, that there would be no chance of an upgrade.  I used to fly so much that I was almost treated like royalty at the airport (ok, royalty is really a stretch here).  I started seeing the same flight attendants, even the same TSA agents at the airport, which is definitely a sign you are traveling too much!  I was still curious if my name was even on the upgrade monitor.  Sure enough, I was 37th for upgrade to first class with 1 seat available.  I smiled, because this is exactly the amount of time I want to be spending in the airport, enough to be 37th on the upgrade list!

In another couple of months I will lose my Delta club membership as more trappings of life-lived-in-an-airport melt away.  But don’t feel sorry for me.  It is a blessing to be able to retire, create a second act, and be on an entirely different upgrade list.


A Boomer In Transition

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