17 Months to No

I have read about it in magazine articles, heard about it from others, and now exactly 17 months of this boomer’s transition to retirement, I know what it means.

I am talking about this transition from full-time work to retirement.  It went like this:  arriving home one day, realizing that tomorrow will be full of new possibilities and changing my mindset from guarding my time to releasing my time to these new possibilities.  This meant that instead of saying “No” to virtually everything, I said “Yes” to almost everything.  I felt like, wow, I have been working more than full-time for many years and I have unlimited capacity to take on new things.  It seemed like I could try many new activities and I did.

My post-retirement bucket is now full, and I am back to “No.”

Others said this would happen and I would need to be selective on what I say “yes” to.  And I cannot say that any of my “yes” answers in hindsight should have been “no.”  I feel like the things I am doing are a good variety, are for the most part fun or interesting, and are in the category of making a difference.  Hey, at least I am not sitting on the recliner and spending my life watching TV!

Are there any lessons to be learned?  As I contemplate this journey so far, I have no regrets, simply the realization that my time and energy is not unlimited and that eventually all buckets gets filled.


A Boomer In Transition


When moving becomes fashionable

Ok, just helped my parents close on a senior’s unit today.  Moved a few things today, in what will be the first installment of a three-part move.   This is Move 3 of my post-retirement life, to be followed by Move 4 in a few days when my son will likely ask me to help him move to an apartment, to be followed by Move 5 when my parents move again within the senior’s complex into a new unit being constructed.  By now, I have hauled at least 50 truckloads of stuff to Goodwill in the last 16 months, likely setting some type of record in the process.  When the people helping to unload trucks at Goodwill seem like they are part of the family, you know you have been there too much.

It must be about time to start accumulating junk again.  No more moving for a while, I hope.


A Boomer In Transition and Moving Expert



One of the Smartest Things …

One of the smartest things we did post-retirement was to move into a new place.  This was not my idea, in fact, initially I was very opposed to the plan.  Ok, it was not really a plan, it was a spontaneous decision.  I do not do spontaneous.

My wife had told some realtor friends of ours that we would be interested in moving in 3-5 years into a townhouse in the same area where we had been living.  Being good realtors, they translated “years” into “months” and found us a place in 3 months!  My wife then went to look at it, liked it – no, loved it, and soon we were making a spontaneous move.  It turned out to be a good decision.  As I looked at the Facebook pictures this morning of the 26 people who were over for my mother-in-law’s surprise 80th birthday party, it would have been challenging to do that in our old house.  Don’t misunderstand, I still reached my social limit after 60 minutes, so some things do not change, but it is nice to be able to have a larger group of people over once in a blue moon.

BTW, the speech to the 400 donors went very well.  I am still getting feedback, which is very nice and again confirming to me that I am on the right path, post-retirement.  In some ways, I am still recovering from it, as speaking from the heart is a different matter than speaking from the brain.


A Boomer In Transition