17 Months to No

I have read about it in magazine articles, heard about it from others, and now exactly 17 months of this boomer’s transition to retirement, I know what it means.

I am talking about this transition from full-time work to retirement.  It went like this:  arriving home one day, realizing that tomorrow will be full of new possibilities and changing my mindset from guarding my time to releasing my time to these new possibilities.  This meant that instead of saying “No” to virtually everything, I said “Yes” to almost everything.  I felt like, wow, I have been working more than full-time for many years and I have unlimited capacity to take on new things.  It seemed like I could try many new activities and I did.

My post-retirement bucket is now full, and I am back to “No.”

Others said this would happen and I would need to be selective on what I say “yes” to.  And I cannot say that any of my “yes” answers in hindsight should have been “no.”  I feel like the things I am doing are a good variety, are for the most part fun or interesting, and are in the category of making a difference.  Hey, at least I am not sitting on the recliner and spending my life watching TV!

Are there any lessons to be learned?  As I contemplate this journey so far, I have no regrets, simply the realization that my time and energy is not unlimited and that eventually all buckets gets filled.


A Boomer In Transition


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